Thank you Castle Rock Mothers!

mothers-day-ss-1920All of us at Meadows Orthodontics would like to say happy Mother’s Day to our patient’s moms, and to say thank you for your help in making the task of aligning your children’s teeth possible. Mothers of Castle Rock (and beyond)- here is a partial list of the things you do as a mom that we appreciate at Meadows Orthodontics:


  1. You take time out of your busy day to deliver your children to their braces appointments.
  2. You often take responsibility to keep your children’s teeth clean, whether reminding them to brush (over and over… and over again!), or taking the time to do it yourself when needed.
  3. You listen to Dr. Dan’s bad jokes and usually act amused!
  4. (Kids take notice) – Mothers most likely put off getting something that they wanted (A home improvement, a Marc Jacobs purse…) in order to invest in their children’s teeth.
  5. By investing in their children’s smiles they are giving them an amazing gift of health and self-confidence (that kids often don’t appreciate until later!)
  6. Mothers are Dr. Dan’s “eyes and ears”, monitoring if patients are wearing their elastics and retainers at home and in between appointments.
  7. While they wait for their children’s adjustments, they often juggle squirmy siblings that are in tow.
  8. If there is a broken bracket, poking wire, or your child was whacked in the mouth at a sporting event, you bring them in to be fixed up.
  9. And finally, they maintain a great attitude with all of this while fitting the experience of braces into their very busy lives.

I am very aware of all that you do, and as you child’s orthodontist I sincerely thank you.

Dr. Dan Rejman

P.S. I would like to thank my mother for all the support and love  she has given to me for years, in addition to passing on to me her beautiful teeth!