Orthodontics for Adults

Braces for Adults

You are never to old to benefit from orthodontic treatment! Currently, adults account for about one in four orthodontic patients. Many adults are choosing to pursue orthodontic treatment to improve their confidence in their personal and professional life, get an amazing smile for a big life event such as a wedding, or simply because it is time to fix a misaligned tooth that has become more noticeable. Dr. Rejman has treated hundreds of adult patients ranging in age from their early 20’s, all the way to patients in their mid 80’s!

At Meadows orthodontics, we understand that adults and children have different needs, and often have specific concerns that require individualized care.  Your busy life, feeling shy or anxious about starting visits, or being worried about your appearance while in treatment are all issues that Dr Rejman and our staff understand, and should not prevent you from getting an amazing smile. To address these issues, we offer:

  • Early morning and evening hours available before and after your work schedule.
  • In addition to our main treatment area, we offer a separate private treatment room for visits if this is preferred, or if you would like to be seen separately from younger patients.
  • Multiple options for a more discrete, highly aesthetic appearance while in treatment. These options include Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, individually made clear aligners, in addition to traditional metal braces and self-ligating braces. Adults are usually shocked at how easy the process is, and how indiscreet their appliances are. With our new technology, friends and coworkers often take weeks or months to detect that you are getting your teeth straightened.
  • We offer limited treatment for mild tooth misalignment, usually involving only several months of wearing custom made, clear aligners. Dr Rejman often sees patients that have had braces in the past, have lost their retainers, and they are now noticing that their teeth are starting to move. This situation is very common, and the solution is often simple, fast, and inexpensive!

If you would like to discuss your specific concerns, please contact us at Meadows Orthodontics to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr Rejman.