Moving with Kids in Braces?

Summer is the time that we see many kids and adults with braces moving into, and out of, Castle Rock. If you are one of these families, here are some tips to make your transition to an orthodontist in a new city as easy as possible.

  • cover-final - CopyLet your current orthodontist know that you will be moving as far ahead as possible. Getting informed by families of a move early allows me to prepare for your move.
  • If your treatment is nearing completion, I can plan accordingly to get your braces removed, and get you into the proper retainers before you move!
  • If there is more time left in your treatment, we prepare a transfer form from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) that will give your new orthodontist information on your original diagnosis, treatment plan, expected length of treatment, current status, and anything about your case that is unique or that needs special care.
  • I gather copies of your records for your new orthodontist, including all of your pre-treatment and current photographs and radiographs.
  • I will help you select a new orthodontist in the city that you are moving to. Like most professions, it is a small world, and I have many contacts around the country to help find a great match in your new hometown. I can look up information that will let you know if they are board certified, use similar braces, and have a good reputation in general.
  • An early warning that you are moving helps you transition financially. Time is often needed transitioning insurance benefits, adjusting payment plans that you may have, or prorating your balance if you have paid in full. We want your move to go as smooth as possible, both treatment-wise, and financially!
  • While on the subject of finances, the AAO transfer form mentioned above outlines  the financial arrangement of your orthodontic treatment, and this (hopefully) will give your new orthodontist a guideline to treat you fairly in your new location. Unfortunately, there are often extra costs to transfer to a new office, and if moving from Denver to a metropolitan area that has a higher cost of living (most of the east and west coasts), your new contract may reflect this.
  • Always feel free to call us after your move if you have any questions at all. Once you have started with us you are family, and we will help make your move as smooth as possible!

Dr. Dan Rejman is the owner of Meadows Orthodontics, which has two convenient locations in Castle Rock, CO. Our West Castle Rock office is in the Meadows right next to Firehouse and Einstein’s, and the East office is in Founders Marketplace near the King Soopers Plaza (near Terrain and Founders).