How to Select an Orthodontist

Posted  Sept. 10, 2012 in Dental Life

How to Select an Orthodontist

Thank you to Mommy, who wrote this great article (Posted  Sept. 10, 2012 in Dental Lifeabout selecting the best orthodontist for family. We took the original text, and then added how it pertains to Dr. Dan Rejman and Meadows Orthodontics (in the Blue text!)

Stuff that matters when choosing an orthodontist:


  • Is the orthodontist board certified?  Most people think board certification is required and that all orthodontists are board certified.  Board certification is voluntary in orthodontics and only a small percentage actually go through the rigorous process.  If your orthodontist is not board certified, it doesn’t mean they don’t do a good job.  But, an orthodontist who is board certified is making a concerted effort to better themselves.  For an updated list of board certified orthodontists in your area, please visit  Unfortunately, some orthodontists misrepresent themselves as board certified when they are not.  If your orthodontist claimabos to be board certified, verify it with the American Board of Orthodontics.


Dr. Rejman is currently the only Board Certified orthodontist in Castle Rock and Castle Pines.


  • Is the doctor an orthodontist or general dentist who does orthodontics? An orthodontist is a specialist, and has attended a 2-3 year residency program.  During this time they are exclusively treating orthodontic patients and studying tooth movement, jaw growth and development.  This person generally has a master’s degree in orthodontics and usually has done extensive research and defended a thesis on the subject.  A general dentist can take courses in orthodontics and is legally permitted to perform orthodontics, but has not been through an orthodontic residency.  If the person offering to do your braces also does cleanings, fillings and crowns, that doctor is a general dentist not an orthodontist.  I often hear people tell me, “My dentist is also an orthodontist”.  It doesn’t work that way.  Orthodontists ONLY do orthodontics.  They never do cleanings and fillings.


Dr. Rejman attended four years of dental school at The University of Michigan and completed his residency and Masters degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.  Dr. Rejman is a Board Certified orthodontist.


  • Review the qualifications of the doctor.  In the end, you are choosing an orthodontist – not an office, orthodontic technique or particular bracket.  It takes technical skill to produce an optimal result.  Review the doctor’s education (especially dental school and orthodontic school) and experience.  Not all schools are created the same.  Some are excellent, some are good and some are quite poor.  Some of the top programs in the country include: University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Washington and Baylor University


Dr. Rejman attended dental school at The University of Michigan and wumas chosen for his residency and Masters at Marquette University.  He won the award for highest academic standing in his graduating class of 100 at Michigan and has received TOP ORTHODONTIST honors by 5280 magazine in 2012, 2013, and 2014 as voted by his peers. He was recently Best of the Bestvoted Best of the Best “Best Orthodontist in Castle Rock, 2014”. Dr. Dan has also received numerous academic awards throughout his career. 



  • Is the location convenient to school or home? If your child goes to school 30-45 minutes away from your home, an orthodontist closer to school may be a better choice.  You will be driving to and from the orthodontist every 6-8 weeks, not including emergencies.  It needs to be easily accessible to the places your child spends most of his time – school and home.


Meadows Orthodontics is conveniently located across from the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital and next to Einstein Bros. Bagels.  There are over ten schools within two miles of our location.


  • What are the hours? Some orthodontists have multiple locations.  Find out the hours that the orthodontist is on-site at the location you are planning on visiting the most.  If the orthodontist is only available one day of the week, that office might not be as convenient as you first thought.  If you need a bracket repaired or have a scheduling conflict, you may need to drive 30 minutes to an alternate location.


Meadows Orthodontics is open early mornings (6:30 AM), evenings (until 6:30 PM on Mondays and 8:00 PM on Wednesdays), and is open both day time hours and two Saturdays per month.  Visit for a full listing of our hours. 


  • Does the doctor have ownership in the practice?  This may sound like an odd question, but there are more and more orthodontists working out of general and pediatric practices.  They are hired by the general practitioner as an associate.  Because they have no ownership, there is no guarantee that they will be there for the entirety of your treatment. In those situations, it isn’t unheard of to have 3-4 different orthodontists working in an office during a logotwo year period.

 Dr. Rejman is the only orthodontist that you or your child will see.  He is the sole owner of Meadows Orthodontics, and Castle Rock is our only location!


  • How accessible is the orthodontist? Dr. Rejman meets with every new family for a one-hour consult.  He also does the majority of in-the-mouth work.
  • Do you like the staff? Every team member in our office is from Castle Rock.  In fact, our staff has lived in Castle Rock a total of 47 years!  Julie, the office manager, is Dr. Rejman’s wife- so Meadows Orthodontics is truly a FAMILY ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE – and our middle name is friendly!  


Ask who sees patients if there are after hour emergencies.  There are some offices where a staff member is available to take care of your needs.  In other offices, you have access to the doctor and he/she will see you for after-hours care


Dr. Rejman sees the majority of emergency patients himself.  He lives right in Castle Rock and is very accessible to is patients. 


  • What does the practice charge for additional services? In an effort to make their treatment fees appear lower, some practices will present you with a lower fee and then surprise you with additional fees for required services such as x-rays, models, retainers and emergency appointments.


Our office does not charge for additional services.  Dr. Rejman also issues TWO sets of retainers at the end of treatment and these charges are built into the original price.